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Happy Mother's Day everyone! I'm carrying on last years theme of dedicating this piece to a specific kind of parent like in my previous Father's day art. It Suits You

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Another Pocahontas drawing, found a nice coloring page of her and added some new elements. Photoshop Wacom Cintiq Pocahontas at the Waterfall

Pocahontas-KUNSTDRUCK Abbildung Prinzessin Disney von SubjectArt

Pocahontas inspired ART PRINT illustration, Princess, Disney, Wall Art, Home Decor

For sale direct from the artist Original Art Print of Pocahontas illustration created with Mixed Media and a Contemporary Design Size 10 x 8

#POCAHONTAS was sooo beautiful <3 She taught me to accept others for who they are & to not judge others.

Pocahontas: daughter of the Chief Powhatan teaches an earthy spirituality & ultimately, lays racial aggression aside when British settlers land on her people's land in an attempt to unearth it for gold.