clothing and folds tutorial by juliajm15

Drawing proper folds is probably one of the hardest things to constantly do right. Yet it is very important for the dynamic feel of a drawing. - Clothing and Folds Tutorial…

Drawing people (part 1) - Imgur

Drawing people (part 1)

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How to Draw a Nose (Front View) | RapidFireArt Tutorials

How to draw a nose from the front - 7 easy steps

Chart on straight hairstyle ideas for when creating a female anime/manga character.

Reference of hair styles. How to draw hairstyles straight hair, how to draw people, drawing hair, resources for art students drawing lesson

Portrait Tutorial by ~Sick-of-Misery on deviantART

Portrait Tutorial by ~Sick-of-Misery on deviantART

How to Draw: Eyes, Nose, Lips, Brows This is totally helpful for drawing the details of the face. (I really needed this tutorial and now I can draw eyes no problem!

This goes to a page at It has a lot of printable sheets you can download to study how to draw these images. It is a great website for learning how to draw.

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