we-are-rogue:  “  goony dwarves (detail) by Krzysztof Moszczynski  “waiting for your pouch!  ” ”

m Dwarf Rogue Thief Studded Leather Armor Pick Pipe traveler we-are-rogue: “ goony dwarves (detail) by Krzysztof Moszczynski “waiting for your pouch!

classic dwarf, dwarvens, irish dwarf, red dwarf, leather armor, red hair dward. for inkarnate.com

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Olenjack --- This illustration actually looks like my dad, haha. If only I could get him to dress that cool. :D

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the-orator: “I joined a small Pathfinder group my brother is the DM for. We started a short “play to level campaign last week to help me and his gf get an understanding of how to play and for that I created a dwarf fighter named Ysolda.

Make Dwarf Fighter

m Dwarf Fighter Plate Axe Crossbow helm lantern backpack traveler underdark mountain hills forest rough midlvl

details hobbit dwarves | I need these patterns on...well all my stuff that have patters (probably belongs on my other boards but pinning here for easy access...it is kind of a geeky want)

Some Dwarven patterns inspired by the wonderful Hobbit artbooks… Because I need a selection of Dwarven patterns for all my Hobbit fanart. (Yeah, I currently don’t have a scanner, so I have to take.