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Son of Sesostris III - Brother or father of Sobeknefru

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Close-up of a relief of Isis in the Temple of Kom Ombo.

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Ramsesse II

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Reliefs, Medinet Habu, Luxor, Egypt Mais

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Magical healing statue of Djedhor, basalt (323-317 BC, Ptolemaic Period). It was inscribed with magical spells against snakes and other malign creatures. In its front part, it shows the young god Horus trampling upon crocodiles. (E. Russmann, Egyptian Sculpture: Cairo and Luxor, London 1989, 195).:

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Horus faucon, 27e dynastie. Argent et électrum.

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Sculpture of a man's head. Old Kingdom. 2500-2150 B.C. | The Barakat Gallery

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Hathor temple, Dendera, Egypt

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Alabaster shabti. New Kingdom. 18th dynasty. 1550-1307 B.C. | Christie's

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