31 Essentials for the Rustic Cabin Look

RH's Bleached Elk Antlers Cast in Resin:Ghostly white, this magnificent rack highlights the stark, sculptural beauty of elk antlers. Using molds made from naturally shed antlers, artisans cast them in resin and hand finish them for astonishing realism.

Shed Hunting Tips & Tricks

Shed Hunting Tips & Tricks from TeamGWG Whitney Vau Shed Season: January – March Location: Northern California What To Bring: -Good boots (I like good ank

diverse elements make up this space - hockey stick - wonderful, huge antlers - vintage chest, etc

26"W Antlers Elk 3 Lt Wall Sconce

Naturally Shed Antlers are the focal point-Antlers Elk 3 Lt Wall Sconce-Beige Iridescent art glass lanterns-Bark-like base accented with oak leaves-Rust finish.

Refresh your space with rustic prairie art. This new wave of prairie art is one of the biggest trends this fall. For more art trends and interior inspiration, go to Domino.

Naturally shed elk antler, set on hand-turned titanium divided by titanium, silver or gold. Other inlay options available upon request.

Elk antler rocking chair - this I GOTTA have but only will make one from elk I shoot myself or sheds I find. Need two more elk because I'm not gonna destroy my trophies.

Finally, I have an idea that I can use for my Elk Antler. I didn't hunt & kill the Elk. I used the antler for crushing bags of ice when I would go camping. Now it's going on the wall to hang my jacket (Diy Bag Rack)