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Samuel Wayne Allen

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This emo boy need a hug

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"Hey! I-I'm Ash, and I love c-cupcakes, and music. I'm bi, and i'm really shy."

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Hot Emo Boy.Enjoy more at my EMO BOY DIARY. Cute emo boy biting his sweatshirt sleeve :D so adorable

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Hi I'm Pandora.i don't go like people much and I LOOOOVE 17 and best friends are Netflix,YouTube and fanfiction.

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cute emo guys with piercings | Emo Boys With Blue Hair Tumblr Tumblr_myy6r09qci1spaco0o1_ ...

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cute 'emo' boys

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hahahaha i cant stop laughing everytime i look at this picture!! <3 this explains my clumsiness

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((open rp, be him)) *i opened my bedroom door to see my best friend, Braden standing there holding a piece of paper.* how did you know about the cuts?.... *i asked. * when we were on Skype last night, I saw them...*he told me*

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