béton, pots en terre, table d'appoint en bois.... une jolie entrée éco-responsable

Idées déco : À la recherche d'un banc à rangement pour mon entrée

I love a row of plants on a bench :) Indoor plants and cactus. An assortment of different house plants and foliage. Green rooms and rooms with potted plants.

Hostas have no trouble holding their own in a shady garden. Yet there are many other shade loving perennials that make excellent companions. #barbschwarz #barbschwarzgarden #barbschwarzblog

12 Best Companion Plants for Hostas

Hostas can hold their own in a shade garden, but pairing them with bulbs and other perennials will accentuate their natural beauty and extend the season.

Visst är dessa fina. Marie och jag gjorde dem till ett jobb ett par år sedan hos en god vän Jeanette. Ett enkelt sätt att liva upp en entré till jul (och vinter).    Bollen är gjord av året runt -grön

DIY – gröna dekorationsbollar (Blomsterverkstad)

Green, the color of nature is relaxing, fashionable and beautiful. It creates a calm and cozy décor. The colors green and white also have religious connotations. They signify the hope we have for eternal life offered by Jesus.

"peas" in pods

Hannah watering a house plant known as String of Pearls. House Plant: String of Pearls After featuring the home of Hannah and Joh.

Plants complete the picture perfect coffee corner.

Plants at Home – Wishlist

Terracotta planters are a thing of the past. Reinvent IKEA's Ingefara planter with a fresh coat of paint. IKEA Hacks That Deserve A Spot In Your Home

good reads: rooted in design.

good reads: rooted in design. (sfgirlbybay)

Instagram Photo by Gardens at First Light (@gardensatfirstlight)

Instagram Photo by Gardens at First Light (@gardensatfirstlight)

Aujourd’hui je souhaitais vous parler de mon coup de coeur pour le vert mais pas n’importe quel vert…le vert profond ! Alors que le vert...

Crush pour le vert

Blue and green walls, a purple kitchen floor and lots of green plants, including a verdant wall, are some of the features you'll find in th. Plus