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Hotell Sarajevo

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Spännarhyttan, Norberg

Five Of The World’s Most Mystifying Ghost Towns

While the reasons for Kadykchan’s abandonment aren’t nearly as tragic as Chernobyl’s, the story is just as peculiar. An emblem for all things soviet, Kadykchan was built by the hands of prisoners during World War II and would, as its crafters hoped, receive the fruits of a booming economy with its two coal mines. Those dreams were short-lived, though; a coal mine explosion took with it the lives of six people and the very marrow of the Siberian city’s foundation via the closing of both…


Agdam, Azerbaijan - abandoned since 1993 (source: wiki)


abandoned amusement park in South Korea


The Crumbling Chaos of Abandoned Amusement Parks

Heritage USA, a Christian theme park, water park and residential complex in Fort Mill, South Carolina (1978-1989). Built by the PTL Club (Praise The Lord) founders televangelist Jim Bekker and his actual wife in 1978. The problems in Bakker's personal life in 1980s has been dropped the income and in 1989 Hurricane Hugo caused some damage. The park closed shortly after the storm.


Les 50 Plus Beaux Lieux Abandonnés Dans Le Monde



Creepy Images From An Abandoned Bible Theme Park

Holy Land, U.S.A.- (abandoned religious theme park in Waterbury, Conn.)