It would be so nice to be able to make this. But where to put it?

Meal Planning Menu Board DIY (*ingredients/cookbook page on reverse side of main dish card - helps make shopping list easier)

If you’re going to the beach, empty out a lotion bottle. | 37 Essential Life Hacks Every Human Should Know

For the beach/pool. Wash out an existing lotion container (or another spacious container that would make SENSE to have at the beach or pool) and store phone, money, keys etc.

At first mention, you might not think laundry baskets are a bedroom luxury you should add to your wish list, but these roll-away versions will keep your clutter under control and let you stuff dirty clothes sky-high, yet out of sight. See more at Meg & the Martin Men »

15 Dreamy Things You Didn't Realize Your Bedroom Needed

Built in laundry basket drawers - interesting idea for master bedroom or laundry room downstairs.

Nutelladipp – enkelt recept att äta till frukt och bär

Nutelladipp – enkelt recept att äta till frukt och bär

Swedish Recipes, Children, Nutella, Puddings, Cheesecakes, Tips

12 habits of people with organized homes

4 Tips to Downsizing Our Kids Toys After Christmas Now that Christmas has come and gone, many parents are overwhelmed with the amount of toys their children own. Downsizing our kids toys after Christmas does not have to be stressful

Menu board

DIY Menu Board - the back of each card shows the ingredients needed for each meal. Better menu board idea than chalkboard type