Punctuation - how and when to use it (i'm often guilty). #infographic

Punctuation cheat-sheet: yes, this would be great for the classroom, but I also wish that everyone in the English-speaking world would read and reference.

Different ways to say the word "said" or in our day and age "like"

28 Awesome Anchor Charts for Teaching Writing

CLASSROOM: Handout or mini-poster on colorful words writers can use instead of "said." Students can put the b&w version in their writing notebooks for reference.

GCSE revision factsheet

Math formula One thing all maths teachers should do this week is to print this out for their students' GCSE Maths revision files!

21 words that all 11+ students should know in order to be well-prepared for the eleven plus exam.

21 Essential Vocabulary Words For The 11+ Exam

August 2015 english regents essays August 2015 english regents essay format, dissertation examples in social work narrative essay pre writing exercises preschool worksheet

Cohesive devices are usefull to start new sentences in a paragraph, and to link sentences.

A level politics essay structure How to Write a Great Essay for Different A-Level Subjects. A good structure to, whether they are trying to show evidence to support a particular political.

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Simple and easy to use sheets to help aid GCSE students with analysing the work of artists and their own annotations using key words to structure a piece of extended writing.<br /> Can be used as worksheets, posters and or placemats.<br /> <br /> Please l

Silent Letters in English Words - Super list!! #learnenglish @AntriParto

Linguistic Phonology: Silent Letters in English Words. There is no other way than to memorize the words that have silent letters so I find this list helpful.

24 Better Words for HAPPY

24 Better Words for Happy. 24 Synonyms for happy to help children improve their writing and vocabulary. Bright word cards ready to print for writing reference and discussion.

Commonly Misspelled or Misused Words [infographic]

Commonly Misspelled or Misused Words [Infographic

Commonly misspelled English words - Created by Your Dictionary, a super user-friendly online dictionary and thesaurus, the chart lists words that are most commonly misused and misspelled. Drives me nuts.