Different ways to say the word "said" or in our day and age "like"

28 Awesome Anchor Charts for Teaching Writing

CLASSROOM: Handout or mini-poster on colorful words writers can use instead of "said." Students can put the b&w version in their writing notebooks for reference.

When writing stories, students use the word 'went' a lot! Display this poster in your classroom to help your students choose a more descriptive synonym. Alternatively, print these in a small size and keep them in your students' workbooks.

Ways to Say 'Went' Display Poster

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Simple and easy to use sheets to help aid GCSE students with analysing the work of artists and their own annotations using key words to structure a piece of extended writing.<br /> Can be used as worksheets, posters and or placemats.<br /> <br /> Please l

Infographic for literary terms and commonly confused words

An English Skills poster which demonstrates figures of speech on one side and common grammar mistakes on the other side. Would be useful displayed in a classroom for students to refer to during writing activities.

Have each client give an example of the feeling and demonstrate what it may look like

Upcycled Education: Nurturing Emotional Intelligence Teach your students (or children) feeling words to increase their emotional intelligence. Literacy means being able to express yourself so others can understand and you can understand them!

The most misunderstood words in English

Infographic: The 12 most misunderstood English words. So I was chatting with someone earlier this week and they used one of these words the "misunderstood" way, and I said, I think you mean this. and they thought I was wrong!

Poetic Terms Poster

From our English poster range, the Poetic Terms Poster is a great educational resource that helps improve understanding and reinforce learning.

Punctuation - how and when to use it (i'm often guilty). #infographic

Punctuation cheat-sheet: yes, this would be great for the classroom, but I also wish that everyone in the English-speaking world would read and reference.

Said is dead...  Alternatives to the word sai

Funny pictures about The word 'said' is dead. Oh, and cool pics about The word 'said' is dead. Also, The word 'said' is dead.

100 Ways To Say It!

100 Ways To Say It!

Upscale your vocabulary: 100 ways to say Great-would love to do these posters with synonyms as decor even at home.in study or homework area

Words That People Get Mixed Up #infographic - @grammarly

Here I have a interesting and handy infographic from the United Kingdom based expert transcription company called Fingertips Typing Services all about words that we often get mixed up.

punctuation chart

This is a great chart for different grammar students may come upon when writing or editing/revising. (Makes a great anchor chart as well). I picked this chart because it is clear cut, easy to read, and would catch students' eyes if I were to color it up.