Fear factor

The best in fear factor birthday party games to help you throw an awesome Fear Factor Theme Party!!
This looks really cool if we are going to do a "Fear Factor" type activity.
Fake Snot Experiment - this gross mucus science is fun for all.
NBC's "Fear Factor" challenged contestants to complete physical, mental and extreme action stunts. Unlike the program, an adult "Fear Factor" party can include challenges that everyday people can attempt. "Fear Factor" party hosts can challenge squeamish and non-squeamish guests alike to interact with "disgusting" and "gross" items, and complete...

Game Ideas for a "Fear Factor" Party for Adults

kid-friendly fear factor challenges
Fear Factor Party Foods I want to make the kitty litter cake :D
Family fear factor - Box o Worms  by LSS and CC  @Courtenay Eccles Crocombe
family fear factor - key in the little box by LSS
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