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Fender Electric Guitar | 1954 Fender Telecaster | Rainbow Guitars

What an amazing 1954 Telecaster we have here! I really can't stop playing this guitar long enough to write about it. It is completely original and weighs just lbs. When you play a chord on

1962 Fender Telecaster Electric Guitar (Vintage)

1962 Fender Telecaster - Towering and Tuneful. - Anyone who knows me knows the 62 tele (with a bridge mod) is my all time favorite guitar

white hot-rails, white binding on an all-black Telecaster (custom.).

white hot-rails, white binding on an all-black Telecaster (custom. I really want this beautiful guitar.

Keith Rishards' "Micawber" (Fender Telecaster)

Keith Richards' "Micawber", a Fender Telecaster, named after the character in Charles Dickens' "David Copperfield"

Fender Telecaster - Just a beautiful all American guitar. Unfortunately, the Squier range is more akin to my budget.

Fender Telecaster -- beautiful guitar but will always be more of a stratocaster girl

Muddy Waters 1958 Fender Telecaster. Originally a blond, it was reprinted and refitted to its current look. Muddy nick named it "Hoss." Now at the RRHOF.

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