Looking through back alley windows... In a "Hitchcock-esque" kind of way....

In the city, fire escapes and air conditioners.and behind each window a different family, couple or individual.

Fire escape drawing

A complete history of New York City fire escapes

lookin' for a red fire escape for my apartment!

The red represents the danger of the fire escape and the green window is complimentary to the red ladder.

Fire Escape Hammock

for my fire escape: add hammock swing, move window boxes to outside, throw out Ikea tables, paint t. trays for outdoor use?

Spiral Fire Escape by r o s e n d a h l, via Flickr

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Architect Ferdinand Kramer not only made his name with modern, unadorned buildings and urban planning, but also, throughout his life, designed furniture whose formal vocabulary was clear and functional. At the Salone des Mobile in Milan e15 is showing a re-edition of Kramer's furniture, featuring eight of his designs.

Clearing out the comfy corner

Ferdinand Kramer Fire stairs Philosophicum, Johann Wolfgang Goethe University, Frankfurt am Main, Photo © Kramer Archiv

(Open ) Shadow peeked around the corner out onto the streets and under his black hoodie hid his wings, he stepped out and walked down to each place that said they offered a job*

Nick took in the mess of fire escapes, darting eyes already taking in the different routes he could take. "Now remember," Ton stepped up beside him, "You can't step on the actual stairs." "No problem.

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