TRUE OR FALSE: Floyd Mayweather Jr. makes winning look easy

: one of the best boxers of this generation. Mayweather is a future boxing Hall of Famer, no doubt about it.

Last week boxer Floyd Mayweather shared a photo on social media of “a rare and exotic tiger from India” he said he had received as a gift.

Floyd Mayweather Given A Tiger For Christmas

People keep asking us what we think about boxer Floyd Mayweather’s recent announcement that he has purchased a tiger cub as a pet. It is our opinion that unless Mayweather has moved to Moscow, this is.

Boxing: Mayweather's Big Bank  Floyd Mayweather Jr, will earn at least $32 million for his junior middleweight title challenge against Miguel Cotto on Saturday night at the MGM Grand Garden Arena. Floyd Mayweather Jr., known as "Money," is in the money yet again with the largest contract guarantee for one fight in boxing history. The previous largest guarantee in Nevada, where most of the biggest money fights have taken place was the $30 million Mike Tyson was guaranteed for the heavyweight…

is an American professional boxer. He is undefeated as a professional

Humility has never been  Floyd Mayweather Jr. 's thing, but anyone in opposition might just need to take the loss on this one...

Floyd Mayweather Unveils What 19 Years of Boxing Looks Like in Belts

Floyd Mayweather is a retired undefeated boxer and represents Hercules in the way he has fought but has never lost.

Finally Mayweather vs Pacquiao are going to fight each other On May PPP zap PPP would you look at them sneak skin boxing short .

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Floyd Money Mayweather The holiday season is upon us, whether we like it or not…

Floyd Mayweather flaunts his cash in a Private Jet -

Floyd Mayweather flaunts his cash in a Private Jet American retired professional box Floyd Mayweather shared a photo of himself flaunting Thousands of Dollars in a Private Jet. What's the Exchange rate again?

THE CHAMP IS HERE!! Floyd Mayweather Beats Robert Guerrero to Retain W.B.C. Title [PHOTOS]

Floyd Mayweather Jr took home yet another win in an unanimous decision against Robert Guerrero in their welterweight title fight, last night.

Floyd Mayweather

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