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Make a FlyLady Control Journal that fits in your purse! Mini photo album with shrunken journal pages as well as a magnet dry erase marker | the happy homester

Make a FlyLady Control Journal that fits in your purse!

FlyLady's 11 Commandments
Weekly Home Blessing is an hour to an hour & 10 minute focus on cleaning your house. With FlyLady we choose Monday as our Weekly Home Blessing day. You can participate with us. Grab a timer and do the tasks below 10 minutes at a time.  Now don't obsess just work until the timer goes off and then move to the task. You can't obsess over this. Getting something done is better than nothing! We do this every Monday but if Mondays are hard for you pick a different day or do a task a day!
Flylady baby steps chart
Getting Organized: Morning Reminders Printable - The Bold Abode

Getting Organized: Morning Reminders Printable

Great tips for making your home look professionally cleaned... includes free printable cleaning schedule! Perfect for a working mom or stay at home mom.

How I Make My Home Look Professionally Cleaned (in under an hour a day

Added my routines to my bullet journal! Not always I do them perfectly but they help to keep my home -
I printed out the flylady routines located on and than decorated it for my planner.  (Washi  stickers)
How To Declutter Your Home - this is a great system that breaks down your home into zones & helps you get your home clean, decluttered & organized. This is a practical system that can make an unbelievable difference in your home & life!