Foster care

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Setting up a Bedroom for a Child in Foster Care
This free printable Homestudy checklist for adoption and foster care will make gathering documentation easier.

Home Study Checklist for Adoption and Foster Care

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Young, Single, And Adopting: What to do the FIRST night! - hate the idea of checking for bugs/lice but it's a good idea and there are good & tactful ways to do this step discussed in the article. Make sure kids know they're safe. Show them you locking doors/windows etc. Ask about a light at night. I like to call them "mini lamps". Makes kids feel less childish and self conscious about using them.
Preparing A Bedroom for Foster Care (Part 1)
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I get so confused with all the acronyms used with foster care. Great list here!

The Alphabet Soup of Foster Care Acronyms

Free Printable to Keep Your Foster Car Paperwork in Order
Your New Foster Placement: Surviving the First 30 Days - Today in Mrs. Bean's Kitchen  Foster Care | Adoption | Foster Parenting | Birth Parents | Foster Adopt

Your New Foster Placement: Surviving the First 30 Days