Wire Fox Terrier- my favorite breed, so cute, and I'm not even a dog person!

The wire fox terrier won the best in show award at the Westminster Kennel Club dog show in Congratulations Sky!

"Don't know if I'm coming or going?" #dogs #pets #WireFoxTerriers facebook.com/sodoggonefunny  Would be my choice for Christmas!

10 of the Most High Energy Dog Breeds Breed – Fox Terrier: This playful dog loves being with its pack, especially if there are ch.

Pictures of Mario a Wirehaired Fox Terrier/Jack Russell Terrier Mix for adoption in Gahanna, OH who needs a loving home.

Wirehaired Fox Terrier/Jack Russell Terrier Mix Puppy for adoption in Gahanna, Ohio - Mario

Look! It's Tin Tin's dog, Snowy/Milou! Also known as a wire haired fox terrier.

This is Whitman. He is 1 to 2 years old and he is a rescue pup. I have always wanted a Wire Hair Fox Terrier so when my friend Vikki forw.

This frisky little wire fox terrier is made of brushed sterling silver. The pendant itself is about 5/8 tall, which means this is a TINY wire fox

Tiny fox terrier necklace / pendant (makes a great Airedale, too)