vintage everyday: Amazing Vintage Collection of Men's Hairstyles in the Past

images] La Sélection du Week End -- I can remember seeing men with hair like this and thought it was creepy and ugly. Who can argue?

Sylvie Vartan. great name, great look.

Sylvie Vartan (born 15 August 1944 in Iskretz, Sofia Province, Bulgaria) is a French singer known as one of the most productive and tough-sounding yé-yé artists.

Love it!

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70s-men-fashion. Nyhetsbrevet ingen kan leva utan: ”Men in belted sweaters”!

Men In Belted Sweaters. This is the fashion cultural period into which I was born.Where are the Men In Belted Sweaters these days :P

60-tals frisyrer - tuperat, hårband

60-tals frisyrer - tuperat, hårband

Love the charcoal base with lighter highlights! Gray Hair Charcoal Hair Granny Hair

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