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The History of Make Up in the 1920s - DIY Tutorial Video

Makeup Tutorial Smoky eyes, long thin eyebrows, round blush, very difined (cupids bow) dark (dark read or raspberry) lips

40's makeup- red lip and a bright blush. Blush was a bid trend during this decade

Tendencia eyeliner: 50 imágenes de delineados que querrás copiar

Flawless vintage face

10 Vintage Wedding Hair Styles - Inspiration for a Wedding, the vintage hair styles and art deco headpieces you need to create your own elegant and glamorous old Hollywood look.

Dark 1920's Flapper Look by Nina and Muna --- 1920's makeup inspiration - Sharp cupids bow & Matte Base Red lipstick got their colour from cochineal insects. Their lips were filled in smaller than the natural outline except for the cupids bows which was exxagurated.

Dark 1920's Flapper Look by Nina and Muna

Dark Flapper Look by Nina and Muna I have short hair like that and wear that color of lipstick. I love black and LOVE the flapper look so I pinned this.

Lovely Julie Andrews.

Mary Poppins Remake: Who Should Play Mary?

70's Inspired

Mod Makeup: Twiggy

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40's makeup- liner on the bottom outer corners, across the whole top, concentrated cheeks, matte finish

5 Tips To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

20's inspired makeup look

Turns out we have more in common with the women of the Gatsby era than we think. Gatsby may be all the rage, but the real gals of the twenties are who we thank for our beauty ideas today.