Windy days no hair tie lip gloss. | 25 Awkward Moments Every Girl Understands. The definition of today.

25 Awkward Moments Every Girl Understands

I'm a mix of both actually

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snot kid terrified girl

12 People Who Have Seen Too Much

I am crying I'm laughing so hard! GIFs involving kids are pretty hilarious as well.

【69枚】 女のリアクションが最高なGIF画像wwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

Little girl triumphs over bullying teacher, is my new hero! Don't know if this is set up, but all the bullying teachers need this wake up!

お気に入りのボケて(bokete)画像!! | ガールズちゃんねる - Girls Channel -

お気に入りのボケて(bokete)画像!! | ガールズちゃんねる - Girls Channel -



何度見てもじわじわくる画像 | ガールズちゃんねる - Girls Channel -

何度見てもじわじわくる画像 | ガールズちゃんねる - Girls Channel -



Streisand+closeup | Barbra Streisand's 'Funny Girl' Makeup Was No Laughing Matter (PHOTOS)

PHOTOS: Barbra Streisand's 'Funny Girl' Makeup Was No Laughing Matter

"Funny Girl" (1968) Fanny Brice (Barbara Streisand) - Beautiful Bride (I love this movie, I watched it today. -L)

Barbra Streisand in Funny Girl