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Pretty much. 1 direction sucks compared to the Beatles. They will never be near as good as the Beatles.

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Funny One Direction Interview 2013 - This Is Us // One Direction Funny Moments of 2013 // Niall Horan and Zayn Malik<< The look of disappointment on Zayn's face when Niall said no :(

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Guys I'm taking Spanish next year. Now I just haveta figure out how to sing the Lion King. In Spanish. Wish me luck :)xx



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Person: I'm like One Direction's biggest fan! Person: yes I am, I know like every single thing about them. Niall Horan from One Direction is One Direction's biggest fan.

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What's Happened To Niall's Barnet?

Niall Horan and his reaction to the prank on Nickelodeon's You Gotta See This and being asked what his favorite dessert is. actually that is when the lady asked them to move the talbes and Niall is just like 'what is this ladies problem?

So louis was crying on stage a couple weeks ago & im not really sure why exactly . But no one in the fandom cares, show youre support and hashtag I sooo much louis! Your perfect and amazing and.all love you