origami flower bowl  se podria opner un jaboncito encima y com platico o bolsita para regalo

Origami Flower Bowl Tutorial

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Mobile #001 Balloon

Cute DIY Mobile Adorable hot air balloon weaving crafts, origami, mobile hanging from ceiling, room decoration. It would be adorable to have a mix of hot air balloons and biplanes.

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amazing acoustical panels

Resonant Chamber / rvtr

Resonant Chamber - ceiling panels that flexibly change in a performance space, depending on what it's used for. Project by Taubman College, in architecture

I've tried this pin: It's a really good tutorial and pretty easy to do! Not true origami because you have to cut the paper. The Star Bowl isn't super sturdy either, but it's a fun activity to do.

Origami Star Bowl Instructions

Origami Star Bowl Instructions - Paper Kawaii ≡ Origami Star Bowl Instructions Want fantastic suggestions concerning arts and crafts?

Easy-to-fold origami boxes to hold beads, paper clips, candies and other stuff!

Learn how to fold origami boxes from single sheet of paper - no cutting or glue required! Gift Origami Box by Robin Glynn & Krimskrams Box by Carmen Sprung.

DIY "planter" - wrap felt around the cheap thing that comes with your plant!

DIY gör en enkel och vacker filtskål

Soak fabric in concrete first then set up for a permanent flower pot.

batty origami

Invitez Batman dans la chambre de vos enfants!

Origami Triangle Box--Love this one for organizing messy desks, put pens at one point and paper pads on the opposite wall

The origami Triangle Box is so easy to make: its a modular box made of 3 very simple triangles.