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30 Nerd Humor Quotes

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Geek humor

If Frodo can get the ring to Mordor, you can get out of bed. Lord of the Rings Alarm

Avengers and Pirates - Geek Humor. I hate to say this, but those lines just got a million times funnier :D

Top 30 Funny Marvel Avengers Memes

Fun Time With Avengers And captain jack sparrow – I Have An Army. Tony Stark – We Have A Hulk. Captain Jack Sparrow - I’ve Gotta Jar Of Dirt.

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18 Ridiculously Geeky Pi Jokes

Today is Pi Day, for obvious reasons. Pi is a Greek letter representing the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter, a mathematical constant. If a circle's diameter is one, its circumference is approximately Happy Pi day.

I didn't know whether to pin to my Tolkien or Monty Python board.  This is too funny.

No Passing Zone

No Passing Zone - Gandalf and Black Knight - LotR Monty Python In Search of the Holy Grail costumes

Top 25 Star Wars Humor Quotes #Star wars #Humor

Top 25 Star Wars Humor Quotes

Star wars fans here is great treat for you, some of thes best and most hilarious quotes and star wars memes have been collected here, enjoy and share the fun

Top 30 Funny Geek Humor Quotes

Top 30 Funny Geek Humor Quotes

The only time bad accuracy is good enough… Star Wars/Star Trek humor :)

The only time bad accuracy is good enough…

A redshirt and a Stormtrooper get into a firefight. The Stormtrooper misses every shot. The redshirt dies anyway. Star Wars and Star Trek fun :)