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Evening Standard magazine Just the right amount of volume & wave on this shoulder length cut Más

#98 #Gemma Arterton Birthday: February 2, 1986 Bio: Her parents divorced when she was age five, and Gemma subsequently lived with her younger sister and her mother. Her parents encouraged their children to explore their creative abilities. Gemma's sister, Hannah, liked to sing, whereas Gemma chose acting. During her teenage years, she was part of the Masquerade and Miskin theater companies, appearing in productions of The Massacre of Civitella and Guiding Star.

Gemma Arterton is looking her usual gorgeous self even though she isn't wearing the warm, soft and deep colours that flatter her skin-tone.

Gemma Arterton. Beautiful or what?!

Gemma Arterton - Beautiful actress, I was absolutely stunned by her performance in Prince of Persia.

gemma arterton...looking so cool and comfy

Gemma Arterton, cropped jeans, white t-shirt, sandals// It't weird to see someone with your exact body type.

British beauty: Joining Emma at the premiere was British beauty Gemma Arterton, who wore her deep brunette tresses  pinned atop her head while her eye-tickling fringe sat above her smokey gaze

Dazzling Emma Stone sports show-stopping embellished gown

Gemma Arterton 8x5 Photograph 47  | eBay

Gemma Arterton 8x5 Photograph 47

Gemma Christina Arterton born 2 February, 1986 (age in Gravesend, Kent, United Kingdom. She is well know British actress.

Gemma Arterton in a red carpet look wearing a Victoria Beckham dress.

Gemma Arterton cuts a demure figure in plunging floor-length gown

Gemma Arterton nailed Hollywood glamour she stepped out at a pre-Christmas event in London's Bond Street