My two FAVORITE things! Smoking And Breakfast!! HOLY FUCK GUYS

Eggs And Bakin’ Glass Pipe

Wake and bacon! Begin your day on a high note with the eggs and bakin’ glass pipe as part of a balanced breakfast. This small glass skillet comes garnished .

Blown glass pipe

Zombie Hand Pipe

Get toasted apocalypse style with the zombie hand pipe. This hand blown glass pipe features a high quality and unique zombie hand design – complete with .

Another addition to le family - Double blown chameleon glass pipe • dominant pink •

Another addition to le family - Double blown chameleon glass pipe

Mario Piranha Plant glass pipe #weed #mmj #glass #pipe #toke #420

Piranha Plant Pipe For Smoking Plants

Mario Piranha Plant Pipe Combine two of your favorite things with this Mario themed glass pipe! This Pyrex glass pipe is with red/white/green pattern with leaf kickstand. Vivid inside out color patterns make this pipe truly unique and one of a kind.

kurt b glass | Crisp, Clean, and Clear - Glass

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I actually own this one, it's so beautiful and a quality piece. Get at The High

In celebration of todays Solar Eclipse, here's a picture of a solar planets pipe! Smoking to reach a high as far as Jupiter.

Star Wars X-Wing Glass Pipe This was a hard decision. Do I put this on my "I think my geek is showing" board or "Spiritual Time! Spiritual Time!" Board? Guess we know who won.....

The X-Wing Pipe is for Rebels

You know you're jaded when you see something awesome like this X-Wing Pipe and think to yourself, "Wow, that's the second coolest Star Wars pipe I've ever

Pink Goth Pastel Rose Pipe – Dank Doll

Pink Goth Pastel Rose Pipe