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It's been so much fun to talk design lately. Every conversation I have with another interior designer whether they are from Texas, Seattle, NYC, Atlanta, we are all really feeling the same aesthetic content. While our flair may be a little different, depending on our location, the overall theme is very similar. Being that today is Monday and I am always most motivated on this day of the week, I want to share what I am really finding is looking so chic and a current theme in my cli...

Design Trends: What I am loving for 2017

Hemma hos Tuva Minna Linn

Hemma hos Tuva Minna Linn (Strenghielm)

Atelje 18 – minnatannerfalk.com – Minna blogg – spanbloggen

Atelje 18 – minnatannerfalk.com – Minna blogg – spanbloggen

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Random Inspiration 111

Emily Dickinson inspired Lexington wallpaper from borastapeter.com

Emily for Lexington is inspired by a fragment of old Cretonne-patterned wallpaper found in a New England archive. Bold tree patterns with birds like these were popular in the USA in the late