"Drivable Grass" driveway system, would look so much nicer with out cottage style home than a traditional driveway!

Drivable Grass and Plantable Wall Offering Eco Friendly Products for Green Yard Landscaping

Drivable grass ~ create a "green" driveway using porous concrete grids that are planted with a ground cover between the cement ‘pavers’. A creative & environmentally friendly storm water management solution. You can mow your driveway :)

Concrete pavers set below grass line.  Easy, informal walkway from driveway to the back yard. This is what I need only about 5-7 of them. Easy.

How to Set Flagstone in Grass

When active feet beat a compacted pathway through your struggling lawn, it's best to bow to the inevitable. Instead of renting aerators, installing awkward fencing or otherwise trying to resurrect the grass in these trails, set flagstone in the grass.

Chevron grass pavers - absolutely swoon-worthy.  Contemporize the lawn and parking areas.

Image 31 of 76 from gallery of Nanjing Sifang Art Museum / Steven Holl Architects. Photograph by Steven Holl Architects

Recent Projects

If you are going to use fake grass add other elements to it to make it more natural for your garden. Pavers, rocks try to do more with it.

Considering for sidewalk replacement in tight space between our house and the neighbors

LA Team Effort: The Road Less Traveled: Pervious Pavement & Other Green Surfaces for Your Home Green driveway

eco grass pavers - porous stones are permeable for water  LUMIX pavement (made by GODELMANN)

eco grass pavers - porous stones are permeable for water LUMIX pavement (made by GODELMANN):

grassy paving - put mother-of-thyme or other low-growers that don't need mowing, and use it for parking lots instead of asphalt. Most wil survive. What doesn't - put asphalt there only. And you will end up with a less heated, more water-absorbent surface, much healthier and greener.

Patio paver ideas for your garden or backyard. Stone, brick, and block paver design ideas.

Love the geometric pattern of concrete pavers round the pool area

Sweet geometric pattern of concrete pavers round the pool area. Plus cool, spiral tree.