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Help your middle schoolers learn about nutrition with Project School Wellness' nutrition scavenger hunt! This health lesson plan is perfect for any middle school health curriculum!
6 Secrets a Nutrition Label Can Tell You: Free Poster for Middle / High School Science & Health #weareteachers

Free Classroom Poster: Understanding a Nutrition Label

Capture your students attentions with these great ideas for using Disney Pixar's Inside Out in any classroom! Tackle complex topics like Mental Health, Understanding Emotions, Coping Mechanisms, Identifying Emotions, and Strengthening overall well-being. These lesson plans are perfect for any elementary and middle school teacher and school counselor! Click the to read all about how Janelle from Project School Wellness is using Inside Out to transform the lives of her students!
This is interesting, esp. as schools are cutting down recess/playtime/phys ed to nothing, and the nutritional value of the food kids eat in schools is completely inadequate. Brains can't work well if the rest of the body isn't being taken care of.
Adolescent Counseling Tool: What Are Things I Can & Can't Control: https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Adolescent-Counseling-Tool-What-Are-Things-I-Can-Cant-Control-3056761

Adolescent Counseling Tool: What Are Things I Can & Can't Control

Ticket out the door. . .used with a school counseling college awareness lesson. college student resources, college tips #college
Helpful ideas for counselors to use with clients in group.
The Science Of Vitamins & The Body.............................

The Science of Vitamins and the Body

Mental Illness Infographic is a great tool to have for teacher and students. As a 21st century teacher I must be informed and able help my students in  early identification of their need for help with mental illness. As a teacher I must work to create an accepting and nurturing classroom environment.
Nutrition: WOW what a find! Loving this!!!! :) My Plate Cut and Paste Activity Sheet
Free Fitness Apps! bulletin board in PE
Every health teacher and school counselors needs this mental health worksheet! Use the magic of Inside Out to teach kids about mental health and how to thrive! This Inside Out lesson plan can be use in any middle school health classroom!

Mental Health & It's Impact on Well-Being Worksheet - Inside & Out of Happiness

How to Use YouTube for Mental Health Educational Group Activities

Using YouTube Videos in Mental Health Educational Groups

Relentlessly Fun, Deceptively Educational: Why You Need to Use Soap (a Germs Simulation Experiment)