ombre hair color ideas

Another pinner wrote: ombre hair color ideas. Am I the only one who doesn't feel like they are cool enough for ombre? Idk I have curly hair that sometimes does not looks so great . BUT I GOT OMBRÉ! And I love it!

I could never pull this off (or probably even get my hair to grow that long), but gosh is that gorgeous!

Gorgeous long blonde mermaid hair with ends in purple and pink! More Hair Styles Like This!

Light Brown Dip-Dyed Hair

女性らしさを最大限に出す為のミックスパーマスタイル|MINX aoyamaのヘアスタイル


Dye your hair simple & easy to mermaid blue hair color - temporarily use mermaid blue hair dye to achieve brilliant results! DIY your hair mermaid blue with hair chalk

Messy blond hairstyle with purple dye dip

dip dyed purple hair ((not as cool as the mint but as you wish cora)) Cuti