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Vintage Vixen - Flapper hair tutorial, for medium/long hair - totally doing this for halloween!

Bobbed Hair: (“The Battle for Bobbed Hair” --- Photoplay Magazine, 1924) a very short hairstyle that was popular during the twenties. There were many different styles of the bob that women could get but they all involved being short and close to the head.

sydneyflapper: whataboutbobbed: From “The Battle for Bobbed Hair” Photoplay Magazine, June 1924 barber, please give me all of the bobs I see the bob-of-many names (which happens to be my bob) is here the “boyish” bob.

A Brief History of Hair Styles. It's interesting to see how it's changed!

A Brief History of Hair Styles

20 Chic Bun Hairstyles We Love

How To Put Your Hair In A Bow!How to bow your hair!Please like and for more tips go check out my profile. A follow would be lovely ✌️!

11 Interesting And Useful Hair Tutorials For Every Day, DIY Easy Hair Bow Hairstyle(Hair Tutorial Everyday)

Hair Bow- love this so much, doubt it would work in my hair but love, love, love! Wish i could do this to mine. love it though.

15 Pretty, Unique and Easy Bun Style Ideas You Need To Try

How cute is this bow bun? DIY hair bow bun tutorial, Hairstyle, Haircuts – Step By Step Hair Tutorial, Joshua Perets Lifestyle

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Tuck and Cover Half up hairstyle, the perfect way to your favorite headband! Pin Up Hair Vintage hairstyle retro headband Half up half down

Jag får många frågor om tips på frisyrer till balen så jaga ska försöka tipsa er så mycket som möjligt nu kommande veckor. Först ut är den här enkla men väldigt

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blonde hair look

wavy hairstyle with blonde highlights

I love to change my hair colour and hair style. I frequently am changing it, and have been blonde, brunette, redhead, and pink haired. I get bored of things easily and like to change it up.