Ombred red hair

Cute outfit and this is the hair color my friends gonna do, she& still have her red hair but shes gonna ombre it, its gonna be pretty:)

Amazing rust red hair color with wavy hairstyle~ LOVE it so much~

10 Shades of Red, More Choices to Dye Your Hair Red -

Ansley: Ansley's curly red hair is hard to describe. The red often changes colors. One day it may look bright bright fiery red and then other days a rusty brownish red color.

The Ginger Goddess in spring 2014.

Les Rousses : Un Charme Infini !


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flash bobbi set - silver glitter / mint

Flash bobbi set - silver glitter / mint

STYLE: blush + black glitter a pop of color and a little sparkle never hurt anyone! This flash bobbi set includes 2 enamel coated and 2 glitter bobbis. plus this classic bobbi set will single-h