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Chickens - Lavender Frizzle Pekin Cockerel MAY have to have one of these some day. This looks like Phyllis Diller, right?

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blue partridge Brahma

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Silver Lakenvelder Rooster

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Orust | Greenfire Farms

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Gold Laced Wyandotte - easy going, cold hardy, heavy body, small comb, energetic, good layer by karla

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The rare Chocolate Orpington Rooster- Handsome fellow!

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The Vorwerk originates from Hamburg, Germany around 1900 and was developed by the German breeder Oskar Vorwerk who gave his name to the breed. He developed them as good utility birds with belted markings combined with buff feathering rather than white. They were first shown in 1912 and are thought to have come from Lakenvelders, Orpingtons, Ramelslohers and Andalusians. The breed is rare and was almost lost after the Second World War.

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Incredibly Handsome Barred Plymouth Rock Rooster Photo by Frederick Dunn

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Wyandotte | Chickens | Breed Information | Omlet US

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Sussex | Greenfire Farms

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