Ibland får jag bara lust att lyssna på hård musik och sminka mig utifrån känslan, gärna musik man har lätt att bli arg till, eller som man bara känner sig allmänt power utav. Brukar ni också sminka er utifrån känslor? Jag har använt/I’ve used NYX HD eyeshadow...

There are lost of hyperpigmentation remedies discussed in this post but before then it nice you know the causative element of this skin pro.

There are a plenty of dollar store crafts that can turn seemingly inexpensive products into a beautiful treasure.

30 Easy & Stunning Dollar Store Crafts

Learn how to make a creepy yet elegant gilded snake vase with this step-by-step tutorial.

I tried to paint on canvas : fists were paintbrushes & blood was ...

ART: ‘I tried to paint on canvas: fists were paintbrushes & blood was oil. My aim was to use my body as it really is : a material. So I fused a canvas.

Top 100 Fashion Trends in March

Top 100 Fashion Trends in March

Vogue Japan March 2015 Model: Ondria Hardin Photographer: Richard Burbridge Fashion Editor: Nicolette Owen Hair: Tamara McNaughton Make-up: Peter Philips


cutesign: “ In awe of these extraordinary floral “hairdressing” arrangements from Japanese artist Takaya Hanayuishi.

So pretty...looks like actual petals!

Sunflower Lashes, could be fun for some kind of costume Fay- sunflower