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Basteln für Halloween: DIY Leucht Geister aus FIMO

Basteln für Halloween: Leuchtende FIMO Geister

Trolldeg, just tried this and ABSOLUTELY love it!

Trolldeg, just tried this and ABSOLUTELY love it!


Large Black Dragon Eye with Green Glass Pendant. Kind of creepy/cool! I wouldn't wear it but it's cool to look at!

slime-recept (på svenska!)

slime-recept (på svenska!)

Cool bokm�rke

Ding dong the witch is dead. This Wizard of Oz, Wicked Witch bookmark is not for sale, it was handcrafted – here is more info about this great original craft.

Plaster hand mold

Could make a creepy hand for Halloween, too. DIY glove mold hand for jewelry display or home decor

Spöke på armeringsjärn i trädgården / Ghosts on rebar for the garden  / Handgjord keramik / Handmade ceramics / dbME - design by Mona Elwing

Spöke på armeringsjärn / Ghosts for the garden diy pottery halloween

Etsy {NewYork} Street Team - Indie Artists, Artisans & Crafters of the NY Metro Region: Baking Soda Clay

Baking Soda Clay Easy recipe for homemade modeling compound from New New: photo via New New materials: 1 cup corn starch 2 cups baking soda 1 cups cold water Non-stick pot Spoon Large bowl Damp cloth