[fc: harry styles] son "hey i'm harry. my family just moved here. i'm 18 and single. i didn't have a lot of friends at my old school.

'He marveled more than once that it was the best night of his life, no doubt due to Nicks’ imminent appearance.' | Variety. Follow rickysturn/harry-styles

Concert Review: Harry Styles’ Troubadour Show Delivers a Triumph with Tears and Stevie Nicks

Its official... Harry is now a panda

I scream his name. He can't hear me over the millions who scream it too. He loves me too. But he loves 7 billion other girls the exact same way. To him, I'm just another fan in the crowd.

brain and nerve and bounding heart

Black pea coat, simple white t-shirt + black slim jeans. This look is defined by the coat, the shoes + the hair. 3 combination that equals a street styled perfection.


How gorgeous do you think Harry is? Rate with hearts<<<um EXCUSE U but his gorgeousness isn't ratable .

Wow whoever did this I hate you and love you

Wow whoever did this I hate you and love you