Soak lemons in a mix of water and food coloring or Kool-Aid to change their color.  What fun party idea!

Colored Lemons

cut up orange or lemon slices and let them soak in some food colouring. freeze them and add them to a drink. great idea for parties! punch bowl ideal or drink glasses even

Segla runt på festen med snygga och smakrika snittar – och lyft din tillställning med vackra ting.

Segla runt på festen med snygga och smakrika snittar – och lyft din tillställning med vackra ting.

Available in an array of finishes, materials, and sizes, this retro inspired wall art will make Albuquerque feel close to your heart with its bright color palette and unique design. You can start with


Diamond Head and Waikiki Beach in Honolulu, Hawaii Art Poster Print for Home, Office, or Nursery - - Best Seller by loosepetals on Etsy

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Kauai Information Guide

View a map of all the beaches on Kauai. Map details include information like, sand quality, surfing, and whether or not it is a good beach for small children.

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In sum: DAMN. | Tropical Eyes Are The New Smokey Eyes And They're Mesmerizing

In sum: DAMN.

Complete your eye makeup with perfectly curled lashes. Achieve this effect with the Lash Logic ProCurl Lash Curler from Tweezerman. See the rest of the essentials to DIY.

Nail Polish Colors Trends for Summer 2013

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China glaze nail polish in flip flop fantasy. My fave summer color nail polish!

1940s sexuality - Google Search

'Cruise Wear Fashions' Photographer: Peter Stackpole)--A fabulous pair of cool and casual cotton palazzo pants for the hot summer months that are a long distant memory.