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benefits of reiki infographic
Great way to show new students or clients the benefits of Reiki http://excellenceintouch.com/what-is-reiki/
What Do Reiki Symbols Do | Reiki Symbols - Reiki & Karate-Do                                                                                                                                                      More
Reiki Energy | reiki-energy
Exactly What Is Reiki Healing?
How To Raise Your Vibration: How To Clear Blocks In The Energy Field By: Sabrina Reber
Sei He Ki Reiki Symbol - The sei he ki symbol is used for mental and also for emotional healing, protection, purification, clearing and balancing. This symbol goes to the heart of the disease, which can often be hidden in the subconscious mind and or the conscious mind. When a human body manifests disease, it is often attempting to deliver a message that there is something in the body that needs attention and care. This mental and emotional healing symbol balances the right and left brain.
If you are experiencing weird energy shifts these days and would like to understand how to integrate what you are experiencing with more ease and balancing…
Female healing hands emerging from an intricate blue-green energy background cupped offering misty white energy