Helena Bonham Carter just happens to be one of the most amazing actresses I ever seen!

Helena Bonham Carter > Feature film credits from active since 1983 > Born 26 May London, England > Occupation: Actress > Partner(s) Kenneth Branagh (p. Tim Burton (m.

i want a tattoo with that smoke going up my arm...prob try Faith in rosa - Oh man i just now realized this wasn't a foto. Dam

Artist Brittni DeWeese is a big fan of the movie FightClub and she also wanted to practice drawing smoke. The result of these two thing is this marvelous picture of MarlaSinger.

Helena Bonham Carter ~ pale skin with a grey pink lips and smoky eyes and dark…

Great Expectations: interview with Helena Bonham Carter

Reportedly into astrology, the stunning and quirky Helena Bonham Carter stars as Mrs. Havishan from Great Expectations in theaters now. __May Sun, Leo Moon, Rising unknown

Dare to be as fiercely different as Helena!

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