18 Craft Fair Tips for Beginners: How to Run a Successful Craft Show Booth http://hearthookhome.com/beginners-craft-fair-tips-how-to-run-a-successful-craft-show-booth/?utm_campaign=coschedule&utm_source=pinterest&utm_medium=Ashlea%20K%20-%20Heart%2C%20Hook%2C%20Home&utm_content=18%20Craft%20Fair%20Tips%20for%20Beginners%3A%20How%20to%20Run%20a%20Successful%20Craft%20Show%20Booth

18 Tips for Working Your First Craft Show Like a Boss

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Rainbow Spider DIY

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16 Totally Awesome Tie-Dye Tutorials-Great ideas for summer crafts!

Totally Awesome Summer Tie-Dye Tutorials

Vintage Show Off: Jewlery Displays

Jewelry Displayed in a vintage suitcase> Use Vintage photos for display cards with your business info printed on the back

The perfect apron for the gardener- tie up the bottom and bring in the harvest!  Gathering Apron Tutorial from Reformation Acres - | www.reformationacres.com

Gathering Apron Tutorial