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7 Toxic Female Friendships In Books

Fingersmith by Sarah Waters. A vivid and perfectly executed tale of Victorian (query) strife: a thriller as much as it is a historical fiction.Highly recommended.


AN EGYPTIAN AMETHYST BEAD MIDDLE KINGDOM, Dynasty XI-XIV, 2040-1640 B.C. In the form of a hippopotamus, reclining on its left side with the legs turned out, its head raised, perforated horizontally for suspension 1 1/8 in. (2.9 cm.) long


Medieval castle - by Claudio Prati


A tea table setting in the parlor of a wealthy 18th century family includes grapes and a faux sweetmeat dish with candied orange peels dusted with a coating of sugar. In the center is a dish the crispy-light wafers today called pizzelles and faux cornucopia-shaped cornets filled with rich egg custard. Created for the Camden County Historical Society. Photo: © copyright

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‘One can never have enough saucepans’ – the duties of an 18th century cook

‘One can never have enough saucepans’ – the duties of an 18th century cook (All Things Georgian)


Flummery - Dinner With Mr Darcy: Recipes Inspired By The Novels And Letters Of Jane Austen.


Jane Austen recipes: roast loin of pork

Mr Woodhouse in 'Emma' is horrified that the Bates family have roasted the pork he gave them.


"A visual reminder that Georgian dining by candlelight wasn't only romantic - it was also a bit dim. Even the most formal table ablaze with candles still gave off only about as much total light as a modern 100 watt lightbulb. Photo from the fantastic historic costumer/historian Natalie Garbett."

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433 - Plotting Vineland: the Skálholt Map

The Skálholt Map. The first version was made in 1570 by Sigurd Stefánsson. Stefánsson attempted to plot the American locations mentioned in the Vinland Saga on a map of the North Atlantic. Stefánsson’s original is lost; this copy dates from 1669, and was included in description of Iceland by Biørn Jonsen of Skarsaa. The map mixes real, fictional and rumoured geography.