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Hominid evolution -A chart demonstrating the evolution of the hominids using biological anthropology.

With all the buzz about Homo naledi, the newly discovered human ancestor, here’s some background that will help put it in context.

With all the buzz about Homo naledi, the newly discovered human ancestor, here’s some background that will help put it in context. Source by momoodaballa Commenti commenti

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Starting the new year with a new project - evolution

These images are merely intended to be reasonable artist renderings based on available evidence, understanding that evidence regarding skin color, hair, and other characteristics are limited. - The Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science

Evolution Tree of Hominids and Homo Sapiens. Description from pinterest.com. I searched for this on bing.com/images

The Complete Human Evolution Evidence Database Paranthropus boisei…

Darwin's Theory of Evolution Infographic

Darwin's Theory of Evolution Infographic *This is a good infographic, but Darwin never said anything about "survival of the fittest." That term was coined much later by a philosopher named Herbert Spencer.

Infographic: Human Evolution via Draw Science.org

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Tennyson once asked: "…what will our children be? / The men of a hundred thousand, a million summers away?"   Damned if we know—but here's our best guess.  http://futurism.com/images/human-evolution-a-timeline-of-the-near-and-far-future-infographic/?utm_campaign=coschedule&utm_source=pinterest&utm_medium=Futurism&utm_content=Human%20Evolution%3A%20A%20Timeline%20of%20the%20Near%20and%20Far%20Future%20%5BINFOGRAPHIC%5D

The latest news, infographics, and videos on the science and technology that are shaping the future of humanity, including AI, robotics and virtual reality.

Top 10 Recent Signs Evolution is Real - Evolution of Modern Man   As an organism evolves certain aspects of the anatomy become not as necessary and on occasion useless.  This can be influenced by a new habitat, natural disaster, or even adaptation to disease prevention.  When this occurs an organ that at one point in ancient history was essential for survival has become less important to the species.  Read more: http://www.toptenz.net/top-10-recent-signs-evolution-is-real.php

Top 10 Recent Signs Evolution is Real

Mark of the Neanderthal - The Washington Post

Pre-historical human exsistence-----This shows where Neanderthals populated and compares the body to ours

Many primate fossils are not direct ancestors but branches that ultimately became extinct. This diagram shows approximately when some of the key splits occurred.

There are progressions of species changing over time. --- Three Main Pieces of Evidence Supporting Evolution

evolution of human skulls - Google Search

Updated: Dec 2012 Link Excavation of an ancient burial site in South Sonora, Mexico , has revealed a series of skeletons with inte.