Smart Security Robot by Puppetworks Studios

iRobot Discount Best Price Roomba“WIRED This robotic arm was designed, manufactured, and Kickstarted from China iRobot - ** BARGAIN!

Producent Aldebaran Robotics creëerde ook Pepper. Deze robot oogt wat minder 'cute', omdat ze geen benen heeft, maar het is natuurlijk een prachtige uitvinding!

Softbank Robotics makes and markets humanoid and programmable robots. We are the worldwide leader in humanoid robotics.

AUDI A4 ROBOTS COMMERCIAL by SADGAS , via Behance #robot

JJ Palomo is the CEO of BIG LAZY ROBOT, the Spanish vfx studio behind Keloid and I-DIOTS. Read about his work and philosophy in our latest interview.

Female humanoid robot concept art, android, companion robot, robotics, future

This is one of my more "complete" models with a fully working rigg and custom materials. The model and rigg was done just under 2 weeks making it the fastest complete model I've ever built so f.

Après le robot-chien « BIGDOG« , la firme de robotique Boston Dynamics dévoile PETMAN, son stupéfiant robot humanoïde bipède. Loin derrière les capacités du T-1000 issu du film Terminator 2, PETMAN peut réaliser différents mouvements et tenir en équilibre seul même si on le pousse. Ce robot anthropomorphe peut marcher plus ou moins vite, s’accroupir, ramper et …

Atlas - Boston Dynamics' newest humanoid robot, selected as the base platform for the DARPA Robotics Challenge

Robotis Darwin OP Humanoid Robot Kit

Robotis Darwin OP Advanced Humanoid Robot Kit Available At Electronic Kits, Robot Kits & More!

Smart Security Robot by Puppetworks Studios for Eset

androide Smart Security Robot by Puppetworks Studios for Eset *the light blue-green accents are intriguing *(Need To Try Design Studios)

CGI design of Ava by Karl Simon for Ex Machina

The Concept of Ava for Ex Machina

Created under the supervision of Andrew Whitehurst for Double Negative, Ava is the sophisticated robot in the movie Ex Machina.

Smart Security Robot by Puppetworks Studios

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