If you haven't read the books, it doesn't make sense, but if you have, it made me remember Peeta and Katniss together!!

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hunger game problems | Hunger Games Hunger Games Problems Catching Fire Peeta Mellark

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Hunger Games Party ideas - Hilarious games for adults or teens.

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Personally, I think they named them Finnick Haymitch Mellark and Primrose Rue Mellark...but that's just what I think.....

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I NEED MORE!!!! what happened to the kids??? is Gale still a solider??? How did the capital people deal??? PLEASE GIVE ME MORE !!!

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hunger games problems | 9GAG - Hunger Games Problems...?

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Funny Video Clips,Funny Videos,Funny Videos Of People Falling,Funny Animals,Funny Pranks,Funny Ghost Pranks.

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The more you look at this the more funnier it gets! Oh my lol crossover!>>>love it>>>

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omg yes. i would also like to see it from Prim's in the first book watching her sister in the hunger games.

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Hunger Games problems Finishing the Hunger Games series and having to enter reality again Or...just start over. :)

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