Hunter Parrish. So many good times at the stage door!

Hunter Parrish played Jesus on broadway in the 2012 revival of Godspell!

And to think, the weed used to be my favorite part of #Weeds.

Most people know Hunter Parrish from his role as Silas Botwin on Showtime's "Weeds". You might be surprised to know the actor just debuted his music

Blonde: Hunter Parrish- the perfect Jace Lightwood, for those who know what The Mortal Instruments are...

Hunter Parrish, probably the main reason i keep watching Weeds reruns

I guess I could see Hunter Parrish as Aaron Warner of my fav actors anyway

Hunter Parrish reminds me of Aaron Warner so fu**ing much. He is exactly how I pictured Warner while reading the books

Hunter Parrish. Weeds. Watch it just for him.

Future Exhusband - I never watched Weeds but he ALMOST made it happen - Hunter Parish

Hollywood News: Hunter Parrish On The NYC Set Of ‘Still Alice’

Hollywood News: Hunter Parrish On The NYC Set Of ‘Still Alice’

Hunter Parrish (Weeds actor)

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Ever since he instantly "grew up" in season 4 of Weeds, I have been not only a big fan but in absolute love with Hunter. He is absolutely adorable and is oh so talented.

Hunter Parrish | Hunter Parrish, Weeds | Glamour

Les beaux gosses de la rentrée télé

Hunter Parish, the Botwin boy on Weeds, my little cougar moment.