Husky wolf mix

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Majestic Black Husky

Majestic Black Husky

SIBERIAN HUSKY WOLF MIX | prince siberian husky wolf hybrid one year old male
Black Siberian Husky Wolf Mix Breed: malamute/siberian husky
"Husky wolf" although phenotyping is usually used when the parents are unknown, sometimes it's completely obvious, like in the above picture, this is no wolfdog!
wolfdog / husky / australian shepherd mix..Awww too cute, I would LOVE to have one of these wonderful pups as my own
#Amazing #photography White siberian Husky Huskies Dog Puppy Dogs Puppies Huski

Siberian Husky

black husky wolf mix puppies | Zoe Fans Blog
Malamute/Wolf hybrid  Although the idea of having wolves (hybrids) as guard dogs seems scary for intruders, they are actually really shy and therefore really bad guard dogs. lol
German Shepard husky wolf mix

German Shepherd/Husky/Wolf mix