I love farmhouse sinks in kitchens. I think they make a room look so inviting and warm, and I would love to have one in my kitchen!...

Hammered Copper sink & bronze faucet in the farmhouse kitchen! ♥ Nice deep bowls and copper is very forgiving if you drop a plate while washing dishes or cooking.

Hylla / Sidobord - Zink i gruppen Hyllor och förvaring hos Reforma Sthlm  (3109-18)

Reol - Sidebord - Ib Laursen m/ 3 hylder 1125 kr

Hyllor i zink till vårens förodling. Gurkplantorna står i gummikorgar från Byhuset. Solstol ”Dondolina”, från Home Structures. Brickbord, Nola. Radio ”Pal”, Tivoli Audio. Hyllor och kuddar, Ikea. Sopborste, Iris hantverk.

2013 Compact Cabin Garden House Inspired by Green House Modern Design Ideas

HVÍTUR LAKKRÍS: utlottning

Vintage industrial decor idea - remove filing cabinet drawers & use! /like the pine sprigs for winter

Rose container garden <3

This would be great for the yard. Galvanized buckets & watering cans with all white flowers-quaint. Maybe larger water trough-style containers.

Arkivskåp i zink med 6 lådor-

Arkivskåp i zink med 6 lådor-