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Getting started with informational texts...check out how we spent days 1 and 2 getting ready for our big research unit!  Aimee Buckner's latest book is guiding our work!

Getting started with informational texts

Check out my blog if you're looking for nonfiction passages that will engage your reluctant readers.
Ok...I have to admit it...I am a sucker for informational text. Maybe it's the geeky want-to-know-it-all side of me, but when I found out that Common Core upped the percentage of informational text to 50% (compared to 50% fiction), I did a silent cheer! Informational Text Structures is really fun...

Informational Text Structures: 4th and 5th Grades

Grades 4-8. Interactive Reading Notebooks: Informational Text  ~ Teaching Nonfiction Strategies for Common Core. Some topics: main idea, outlining nonfiction, summarizing, author's purpose, text structure (description, problem/solution, cause/effect, order/sequence, compare/contrast, persuasion techniques, primary and secondary sources, nonfiction text features. Includes Common Core Alignment and 14 original nonfiction passages for teaching each strategy. $9

Reading Interactive Notebook: Informational Text Activities

Informational Text Response (Non-Fiction Text Features Main Idea) Any Text

Informational Text Response (Non-Fiction Text Features Main Idea) Any Text

Short Stories, Poems & Nonfiction for Secondary: Use this list of suggested informational texts, poetry and prose (all available to print for free online) for an entire year of English curriculum: 50 informational texts & U.S. Seminal Documents, 50 poems (19 written by African American and Latino Poets), 45 short stories (13 written by African American and Latino authors): Practice high school or middle school common-core standards for reading informational texts, reading literature and…
FREE online resources for non-fiction or informational text use in the elementary classroom!

Free Online Resources for Nonfiction Reading for Kids