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I'm waching your movie the Hostage "Xhef telli " and it's awsome :p (and because i saw it couple times) :D

he looks handsome while laughing over here, but i remember when i first saw him laughing in Jimmy Falon- water fight show, i was like " Does this guy laugh as well?" and i was laughing alot because he looked stupid while laughing at that time. But now i am used to that goofy laugh

Need new visual, with an actor. Jason Statham for Len? Except, you know, totally shaved and inked? My other option is Vin Diesel, but I don't think Vin looks old enough (even though he is). I see Statham these days when I think of Len.

Jason Statham - sexiness

Dictionary: the meaning of Jason Statham: perfect smile, perfect beard, perfect body, perfect man.

Mmm hello there biceps!! ...he's gotta be the finest thing walking this earth. #ThinkImInLove #JasonStatham #I'dRapeHim

"Jason Statham Kick Boxing" ~ he may be borderline old enough to be my dad, but he is still so sexy. Never thought I'd ever say that about a man with a receding hairline.

Jason Statham's 'Spy'

Jason Statham's 'Spy' Co-Star Melissa McCarthy Talks Awkward Sex Scene: Photo Jason Statham keeps it cool in aviator sunglasses while arriving at the Four Seasons Hotel on Saturday (May in Beverly Hills, Calif.

Jason Statham

Jason Statham as James Conrad, Commander Expendables Unit One. Prosthetic arm and infrared eye.