Jennifer Morrison is my Dr Elizabeth Finney from Friends Without Benefits by Penny Reid, Book two in Knitting In The City series

Introducing Issue No. 10

Jennifer cute! Love me some 'Once Upon a Time'!
Jennifer Morrison attends a cocktail reception at the Ministere d'Etat on June 9, 2014 in Monte-Carlo, Monaco.

Jennifer Morrison Photos Photos: 54th Monte-Carlo Television Festival: Day 3

I love her hair! Definitely an option when I cut it...


Jennifer Morrison looking very much like me in the mornings...
Jennifer Morrison
Jennifer Morrison
Jennifer Morrison || Darling Magazin Couldn't resist pinning JM setting it off !

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Jennifer Morrison. Maybe in white for my wedding

Who wore it better? Jennifer Morrison rocks the same lingerie maxi-gown at the Billboard Music Awards that Selena Gomez donned in her music video

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