Incredible Manipulated Photography Before Photoshop

There are tree roots coming out of the house, which is unusual because there's a house above the roots, not a tree. The house with the roots are the center of interest. The lines of the roots catches my attention and leads up to the house.

Jerry Uelsmann - forerunner of photomontage. This guy was doing what we do in photoshop, but working meticulously in the dark room. He broke the rules of photography to develop some beautifully strange and surreal imagery.

Jerry Uelsmann's Analog Dreams

Before Photoshop allowed image makers to bend reality to their will with a single keystroke there was Jerry Uelsmann. His layered images came from seven enlargers, multiple negatives and his own hands.

Jerry Uelsmann Photography

Untitled (Boat and Moon), by Jerry Uelsmann; Again, this is combining water, reflection, and light. I am inspired by this photo because I will be using orbs as alternative life paths.

Jerry Uelsmann: The legend, the man, the artist.

FAKING IT : Manipulated Photography Before PhotoshopJerry N. Uelsmann (American Although a contemporary photographer, Jerry N. Uelsmann’s artistry and talent lie in his traditionalism.

A very dream-like photograph by Jerry Uelsmann. What& the purpose of our hands stretched out and our palms open towards the heaven& asking, seeking, learning? A dream? Truly it is surreal!

Pioneer of Surreal Photography

Way before Photoshop, Jerry Uelsmann was crafting surreal photographs by hand in the dark room. Uelsmann stated assembling images from mul.

Self Portrait at 70 with my Head in the Clouds is a fine art photograph by master photographer Jerry Uelsmann. The image was created in 2004 and depicts a self-portrait of the artist with his curly hair blending in with a scene of clouds.

Jerry Uelsmann's Analog Dreams

JERRY UELSMANN - My all time favorite photographer. He's been a huge influence on me for much of my life. No one can print like he can in a darkroom.