Each one loomed beside them, empty, and waiting to be filled."    Photo by Jerry Uelsmann

Tastefully marvelous list of pictures of Jerry Uelsmann. Uelsmann received a Guggenheim Fellowship in 1967 and a National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship in 1972

Incredible Manipulated Photography Before Photoshop by Jerry Uelsmann

Incredible Manipulated Photography Before Photoshop

I chose this image because I really like how the tree blends so well with the house. I think this image is about how homes can hold deep roots in peoples' lives.

Jerry Uelsmann is an American photographer known for his photographic montages. Surrealist creations created without the help of photo editing softwares to ...

Jerry Uelsmann Photography

Untitled (Boat and Moon), by Jerry Uelsmann; Again, this is combining water, reflection, and light. I am inspired by this photo because I will be using orbs as alternative life paths.

Jerry Uelsmann Interview  Surrealist Photography

Jerry Uelsmann - forerunner of photomontage. This guy was doing what we do in photoshop, but working meticulously in the dark room. He broke the rules of photography to develop some beautifully strange and surreal imagery.

Er du som meg så får villmarka sitt eget liv når man hviler blikket på noe i flere minutter. Ta med deg bildene du skaper i fantasien hjem og gi dem liv gjennom Photoshop eller apper for dobbelteksponeringer.

Jerry Uelsmann: The legend, the man, the artist.

Before Photoshop allowed image makers to bend reality to their will with a single keystroke there was Jerry Uelsmann. He created surreal images the hard way — not with digital shortcuts, but working in a darkroom with seven enlargers and multiple negatives.

Jerry Uelsmann's Analog Dreams

Before Photoshop allowed image makers to bend reality to their will with a single keystroke there was Jerry Uelsmann. His layered images came from seven enlargers, multiple negatives and his own hands.

Untitled, (Rowboat, ocean and clouds in cupped hands), 1996 | Jerry Uelsmann - Jerry Uelsmann is a pioneer of surreal photography. He began assembling photographs from multiple negatives decades before digital tools like Photoshop were available. Back in the day, he was even friends with legendary nature photographer Ansel Adams and taught workshops with him in Yosemite for years.

Pioneer of Surreal Photography

Way before Photoshop, Jerry Uelsmann was crafting surreal photographs by hand in the dark room. Uelsmann stated assembling images from mul.